To learn more about this program or to get a free physician referral, call our navigator at (866) 931-THIN (8446).

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* The physicians displayed on this site are associated with our hospital. Physicians can be found in an alphabetical listing or searched based on individual patient needs or preferences. When the search tool is used, physicians are presented randomly based on location to the searcher. Physicians employed by the parent company of the hospital may appear before other physicians.

Bariatric Navigator Program Patient Disclosure

Given your interest in bariatric surgery, you have been directed to the Florida Bariatric Center Navigator Program for Brandon Regional Hospital, Largo Medical Center, Memorial Hospital of Tampa, and Palms of Pasadena Hospital. Physicians who participate in this referral service are in good standing at our hospital and are credentialed to perform bariatric surgery. The physicians in our referral database have chosen to participate and do not pay a fee to participate. Participating physicians agree to meet specific availability standards. Referrals are made to participating physicians on a rotational basis to match your individual needs with consideration for the preferences you have expressed. Physicians who met the participation criteria but who did not want to participate in the Bariatric Navigator Program are not included in the rotational list of qualified physicians.